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Incorrect early termination charges

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Incorrect early termination charges

I am reluctantly leaving Plusnet soon as they are unable to provide me with an FTTP connection (my only option for fast broadband).

I have arranged a transfer to BT through the Customer Options team (they actually transferred my call to the BT salesperson to set it up) and, as part of this, was told that there would be no early termination charges.

I have received an email form Plusnet telling me that I will have to pay early termination fees for my phone line  of £18.92.  I've not received anything about the broadband yet.

I raised a ticked about this to which I got an odd response telling me how to contact the Customer Options Team.

Can any of the Plusnet people here please confirm that I won't have to pay any early temination fees (including for the broadband) and that this email is just incorrect?

If I'd known that there would be fees to pay than I would have waited the few extra months for my contract to end.

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Re: Incorrect early termination charges

Thanks for your post @ciderboy 

I'm sorry for the concern and confusion we've caused.

I've added more detail onto your support ticket 210340481 but in summary I'd recommend ignoring that email you've had.

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