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Incorrect charges on bill

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Incorrect charges on bill

Just had my 3rd bill from Plusnet. My first bill was correct. My second bill added a 16.99 charge for "Evening and Weekend Calls", though this is already included free within my package. On my 3rd bill, the price for my Call Plan has increased from 3.00 to 3.50, the price of the 'free' "Evening and Weekend Calls" has increased to 17.99, and to cap it all I have been charged for several evening calls.

I have tried contacting Plusnet using their "Available 7 days per week" chat service, but after waiting 50 minutes in a slow moving queue, it stopped moving altogether, and then threw me off as 'No agents are available'.


How am I supposed to get my bill corrected? Should I cancel my Direct Debit as they already owe me 16.99 and are about to charge me another 32.00?  

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Re: Incorrect charges on bill

Hello @amyc, and welcome to the Forum. Don't cancel your direct debit as this will cause more issues, and Plusnet will also need it to return any refunds to you. Someone from Plusnet should pick this up for you later today and get this issue resolved. It would be best to wait and see what they have to say before you take any action.

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Re: Incorrect charges on bill

Sorry for the issue you've had.

This has happened as the line rental saver didn't activate correctly on your account. I've activated this now so going forward you won't be billed for line rental. I've refunded the £16.99 already and once the current payment clears I'll refund the £17.99 from that too.

On my 3rd bill, the price for my Call Plan has increased from 3.00 to 3.50

That's correct, the price increased from the 1st September and we emailed customers during July to advise of this happening.


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