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Incorrect billing

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Incorrect billing

I'm at my wits end with Plusnet. Ever since I moved house and transferred my contract to my new address in September 2019 my bills have been wrong. I was told that my account was broken and that it would get mended but it might take a while. After many months I was told it had all been fixed and my bills would start to be correct.  They weren't. I waited a while to see if it sorted itself out. It didn't.  I had to ring them about a problem with my phone late last year and mentioned the billing problem. The phone problem was fixed but the billing wasn't. Last month I decided I really needed to tackle this again so I phoned them, was on the phone for an hour, spoke to 3 different people who all told me different things (including not being able to agree about whether I've now started a new 18 month contract even though I've never agreed to one) but promised me it would all be sorted. Today I've had my bill.  Still not sorted. Financially it's in my favour, but I just want bills which reflect the price I've agreed to pay, and to know that I'm on a proper contract which has an agreed end date!  Can anyone help?

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Re: Incorrect billing

@NicolaC Judging by your post, you have encountered Plusnet's notorious billing system which seems to defy any normal customer services intervention. I had similar issues which went on for over year and so I raised a complaints ticket and that team appear to have some clout to sort things out - at least they have for me so far.

To raise a complaint see the bottom of this page -  ComplaintsCode of Practice>How to complain about our broadband...>On line ticket.

Good luck.