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Incorrect bill

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Registered: ‎03-04-2020

Incorrect bill

I have just renewed my contract and have received my first bill for the new contract. When renewing I received an e mail setting out the term of the contract and the monthly price. The e mail was for question 199733877. The term was 24 months and the price was £23.99 per month. The price was comprised of line rental of £19.99 per month and unlimited fibre broadband of £4.00 per month.

The bill stated that the contract expired in September 2021 starting at the beginning of March. This is only 18 months not 24. The bill came to a total of almost £51.00. The line rental was for £19.99 but there was no mention of £4.00 per month for fibre broadband. I appreciate that the changeover month may result in a larger bill and this may settle down from 1 May. Nevertheless the amount looks to be too great. Please investigate.