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Incorrect bill and no way to contact

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Incorrect bill and no way to contact

On my current bill I have been charged £19.99 for line rental despite me paying £197:88 in advance for 12 months line rental on January 25, 2020. This charge should has been wrongly made and should be refunded ASAP. It is 11:39 on April 3 2020 and it is impossible to contact Plusnet in any way, despite the Plusnet website saying its Customer Service line are open between 9am and 6pm. I don’t use Twitter - like many people - so why is there no email address available to which a query can be sent? There is no reason for this.


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Re: A contact email for Plusnet customer services???


Plusnet have never had an email contact for billing or technical queries etc. They used to have a ticketing system through the Members Centre >Manage Account>Help Assistant but that was abandoned a few years ago except for a very few topics. The Live Chat facility was then promoted, but that was discontinued a few months ago (there are still odd links to it but it takes you to a bot named Joe and deals mainly with sales queries). Contact is by phone (hours severely restricted just now - hopefully will be fully reinstated when the present criiss abates but don't hold your breath), these forums or social media (Facebook and Twitter). Thus all on line contact is via public facing means!

Hopefully a Plusnet staff member will pick your post up but it will be more visible if on a separate new thread within the Help with my Plusnet services group so that the correct staffer picks it up - this thread dates from a couple of years ago and is a feedback thread not browsed by such staff.  

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Re: Incorrect bill and no way to contact

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