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Incorrect and Threatening Emails

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Incorrect and Threatening Emails

Plusnet please confirm my account / subscription / line (and any other forms of communication and service will finish with yourselves today at 12pm as agreed with various amounts of your staff and company.
Please also stop sending intrusive and threatening emails to my email account asking for money that I do not owe.
It would also be nice for one day not mess around with my connection in respect to slow me down, block my internet browsing, just offer the service you promised.
Please for the last day of my use of the plusnet service try to actually "Make Me Proud"
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Re: Incorrect and Threatening Emails

Are you doing away with the internet altogether?
or moving to a new provider?
If you have served your minimum cotime ( contract) with plusnet or any other providoer you should  contact your new provider and ask to move.
If you cancel with your old provider your line/broadband will be disconnected, you may also be charged a cancellation ( cease) charge and it may also take a while before you are up and running again with your new provider.
If you migrate by calling the new provider and not cancelling with the old it should be pretty seamless, a few minutes of down time, entering a new user name/password into your router and thats it.
Bu I feel you have outright cancelled, so soon will be complaining that you have been cut off and charged a termination ( cease) fee