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Incorrect address in MyAccount

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Incorrect address in MyAccount


I am new to PlusNet - signed up today to transfer phone and broadband from TalkTalk.  I was unable to sign up for fibre online because my house has a name but not a number and it was showing on the on-line pull-down address list as [Former name] - although the house name was changed to [Current Name] 25 years ago!  If I selected [Former Name] from the pull-down list the system offered me fibre.  But if I by-passed the pull-down list and manually input [Current Name] the online system told me that fibre was not available (and said that I didn't even have a phone line installed!).  

I therefore telephoned and was advised by the CSA that although my house is still listed by BT Wholesale as [Former Name] it appeared as [Current Name] when the CSA selected it - and that fibre is indeed available.  The CSA assured me that everything would therefore be ok -  and on that understanding I agreed to sign up. 

I am now concerned to find that in MyAccount my house address is showing as [Former Name] and not as [Current Name]. The name was changed 25 years ago and anything posted to [Former Name] will not reach me. Can you please get the house name changed on your systems from [Former Name] to [Current Name].  I am concerned that if this is not done promptly then I won't receive the router and will be left stranded without internet access after the activation date.

I have provided the real house names (both former and current) is a response to my welcome Ticket 184673381.

Thank you.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Incorrect address in MyAccount

Hi there.

I'm sorry to hear your address isn't correct. I've updated it on your account and the router order now, however the actual line records will still show the old house name.

Unfortunately that's not something we can sort out until your line has been transferred to us, because it'd be the responsibility of the current provider of the line to keep the BTwholesale/Openreach database up to date.

I've set a reminder on your account for me to arrange that once your services go live.

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 Anoush Mortazavi
 Plusnet Help Team