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Incorrect Contract Dates

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Incorrect Contract Dates

Very long term BB & phone PN patron, have always been happy with service and tech. support but have come to the conclusion that administration services are now a complete shambles.

Have had an issue with incorrect contract dates going back to December 2018 over two different yearly contract terms which PN appear to be incapable of resolving, I have a very long open ticket on the issue which unfortunately has not produced any solution, I update this monthly which just prompts a further "on hold until" entry which is rarely copied to my e-mail address.

I now very much regret signing up to a further 1 year contract in Dec. 19 and also paying line rental in advance at the same time, I have little doubt that I have a very good and well documented case to exit my contract without penalty but I'am reluctant to loose my advance line rental payment.

I did submit an earlier forum post a year ago on this issue which was responded to by forum staff but certainly never resolved, I note this has now been designated resolved !

I also negotiated a new contract for my daughter in Jan. 20, she was on unlimited fibre plus service for many years when her line was only capable of less than 40/10 service, this was changed to unlimited fibre on the new contract but she is still being billed for fibre plus service to date.

I rarely post on this forum and try to resolve any administrative issues via the designated ticket system, have long since given up on telephone and chat line support, however, frustration has prompted this entry.

Unless there are significant improvements on the admin. side of PN which currently seems unlikely then I will reluctantly be taking my service elsewhere at end of contract.