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Incorrect Billing threat with Debt Collection - Awful Customer Service/Care. DO NOT USE PLUSNET

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Incorrect Billing threat with Debt Collection - Awful Customer Service/Care. DO NOT USE PLUSNET

I have been a Plusnet customer since February 2019, recently came to the end of my contract and decided to leave to get a better deal with another company. 

I have received an incorrect bill for £136.00 for leaving. Since 24th August I have been continually calling the team at Plusnet, who have continued to confirm that this is incorrect and automated and requested it be removed. I have received disgusting customer service and have been threatened with this going to Debt Collection agency by Sunday 4th if this is not paid - even thought I have spoken to over 5 people over the phone who can confirm I should not be getting charged. I cannot speak to anyone who is willing to help and just keep being advised that a 'ticket' is being raised - even though this has been there since the end of August, this is totally unacceptable and is having a negative affect on my mental health with fears of being passed over to a debt collection agency. I shouldn't even have to be continually chasing this up and keep having the team on the other end 'promising' that it will be dealt with the following day so that I get off the phone.

Disgraceful support from Plusnet. All very well your staff stating that it can be 'recalled from debt collection', that is not the point, it should not be going there at all and I do not want this to affect my credit score when trying to apply for a mortgage.

Disgusted with the customer care and un-wilingness to get things sorted even though it has been confirmed I am not in the wrong at all.  Please can someone remove this bill from my account, it has been confirmed several times that it should not be there and it would be entirely unfair for me to have a mark on my credit score for your mistake. 

Will never be recommending Plusnet ever again, in fact, I will advise openly for people to never use their service.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Incorrect Billing threat with Debt Collection - Awful Customer Service/Care. DO NOT USE PLUSNET

Hi there @ajt2, I'm happy to look into this for you - though as we don't credit check any of our customers any debt (whether it is incorrect or not) would not cause a marker to be placed on your credit file.


That being said, as the debt is incorrect it still should not be charged - I've escalated the support ticket on your account to a department that will be able to assist and should respond before the end of business today and will check on this when I return to the office tomorrow.


I am so sorry for the inconvenience and stress this has caused you, I hope that we will be able to speak over the telephone tomorrow to confirm good news and discuss a resolution to this issue.

 Jess Moore
 Plusnet Help Team