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Incorrect Billing for over a year now!!!

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Registered: ‎23-04-2014

Incorrect Billing for over a year now!!!

Hi Plusnet,


I hope you are all staying safe.


I appreciate that these are unprecedented times, but my billing issue goes back to February 2019 when I called up (as a long term customer since 2002) to see if you could offer me a good deal at that time.

I was offered a deal of £27 for an 18 month contract. This included Fibre Extra, rental and the evening and weekend call package. The cost for this at the time was £34.95, so I was happy with £27. However, since then, I have been given monthly credits as the "IMT" can't seem to bill me for the contract I was offered.

The above aside, I am now being charged the full £34.95 cost with the promise (in two separate emails) that a credit would be applied to my account. I am still waiting and the April invoice is now due tomorrow - so I'll be interested to see how much you'll charge me this time.

After all these years with Plusnet - I don't understand how you can offer customers a set amount per month to keep them and then not have the decency to bill them correctly.

I think after nearly 15 months since I made the call and was offered the above deal, I deserve a response and some recompense.