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Incorrect Bill !

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Incorrect Bill !

On the 17-08-23 after talking to support re my contract renewal I agreed to the renewal shown below, recorded as Question 236244851 :-

Thank you for your call today. Please keep a copy of this e-mail for your records. As discussed, I?ve made the following changes to your Plusnet service:

A breakdown of your monthly bill is as follows:

Unlimited Fibre Broadband service: ?1.46per month for 24 months then ?21.23 per month
Line rental: ?26.53 per month
Unlimited UK Landline and Mobile Call plan: ?11.76 per month
Total ?39.75per month on a new 24 month contract


So why is my bill for Sept £56.90 !     I think you have failed to apply the agreed discounts ! 

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Re: Incorrect Bill !

Happens all the time as Plusnet's creaky accounts system lurches into action. Your Sept discount should appear as a credit with your next bill and should be given for the rest of your contract. If you're still worried, give the long-suffering staff a ring and they will confirm this.