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Impossible to contact PlusNet

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Impossible to contact PlusNet

I'm really only posting on here in the hope that someone from PlusNet might see as I've given up trying to contact them.  Life is too short to spend hours on the phone/internet trying to get through to somebody.  

I cancelled my contract two months ago to move to BT (incidentally much faster broadband and better customer service), but PlusNet are still hassling me for payment and saying I need to update my direct debit details.  In fact they owe me for the payment they took last month, after the contract had been cancelled, but I have written that off as it is just impossible to get through to anyone.

Does anyone have an alternative method of contact other than phone or online chat, as neither of these work?

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Re: Impossible to contact PlusNet

If CHAT doesn't work for you, turn off your browser's POP UP blocker.

3rd alternative is a letter; don't believe I've ever seen a FAX no. published.

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Re: Impossible to contact PlusNet

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Impossible to contact PlusNet

Sorry to hear of the problems you've had trying to get this matter resolved @fedupcustomer1


I've escalated this with our billing team to make sure the appropriate refund is issued and the account is closed properly.


Thanks for your patience.

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 Harry Beesley
 Plusnet Help Team