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I would like to try one more time to get an offer on the Fiber Package before I switch back to ADSL.

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I would like to try one more time to get an offer on the Fiber Package before I switch back to ADSL.

So...after a long time on the phone getting nowhere, I've come here instead in hoping I might get a better responce on the forums rather then the phone which I was cut off 2 times and the third time were I was dealing with someone who still insisted I was still on a contract and talked with him over an hour to get at least one deal for ADSL...But I rather still be on fiber.

The reason for why I would like a reduction of the price I'm paying for my current package (Fiber) is because of the Estimated speeds for downstream were far from accuate to what I'm actually getting. The estimated speeds were around 16.1Mb - 22.6Mb when I ordered FTTC when in reality I am actually getting around 4.23Mb - 6.05Mb.

Now the obvious solution to this would be to go back to ADSL right? But the thing is that my upload speed has actually improved a bit that I can do certain things I wasn't able to do back on the ADSL package. It isn't great but it's reach the point of actually being somewhat useful rather then just being unable to do anything with it.

But it is not worth the price of £22.49 so hence I took the deal I got on the phone to go back to ADSL only because I can't be wasting money on things that I may like but isn't worthwhile on that price.

Hence why I made the thread. I want to at least try one more time before I move back to ADSL to get a fairer deal on Fiber. I feel like I was givin misinformation and that all that time I spend waiting for years for fiber regardless if it's to the cabinet, completely wasted.

And I have already checked everything as I have done with this thread and question #129904318 on customer support


I am willing to go back to a contract again on Fiber and I am willing to accept the price being more then Unlimited ADSL package but only if the price is fair enough for the inaccuate downstream estimate and slightly improved upload speed and the issues I had to deal with so far. I would assume it would make more sense to give a fairer price on Fiber that I am willing to pay for which would give Plusnet more money from a customer rather then the ADSL discount I was offered which would be £7.50 a month.


Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: I would like to try one more time to get an offer on the Fiber Package before I switch back to A

Unfortunately we wouldn't provide offers via the community forums, the best people to speak to about offers would be our Customer Options Team on 0800 013 2632 (Selecting the option for thinking of leaving)


Although I do appreciate why you're asking for a reduced rate, we would not look to provide discounts purely based off of slower than expected speeds. Either way, it would be best to give our Customer Options Team a call to discuss this further.

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