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I want to leave but can't work out how to!

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I want to leave but can't work out how to!

I am out of contract and I want to move on to a fiber service from BT. How do I leave at the moment? The phone line doesn't work right now. How long will it take to leave? I'm willing to let contracts overlap to maintain service as I do not want to be without internet.

Can I just sign up to BT and then cancel my standing order with plusnet to get their attention?  


For more context on why I want to leave:

My broadband is consistently under 20mbs. I've had 4 openreach engineers out over the last year to try and fix the problem. The last one said that we are pretty much max distance from the main box and our service runs about 1km on copper wire that is probably decades old. He thought that it might not be possible to achieve minimum speeds promised. He said that fiber is the only way forward.

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Re: I want to leave but can't work out how to!


You don't need to talk to Plusnet, just sign up with BT and they will liaise with Plusnet. Assuming that you have a direct debit and not standing order do not cancel it until Plusnet close your account and the final account is settled. If you close it early and there are outstanding amounts to pay you will find it a nightmare to resolve with the current situation ongoing.

If you are getting near 20Mbps on ADSL I would say that your line is performing about as good as ADSL gets.

I assume that you are aware that unless BT are offering FTTP then their FTTC fibre service should be exactly the same as you would get if you were to upgrade your Plusnet account to fibre. You have probably only yet experienced the sales side of BT. Once you are a customer then whether the support side of the business is any better than Plusnet's might be another matter.

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Re: I want to leave but can't work out how to!

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