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I need help

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I need help

Yesterday Plusnet failed to take the monthly fee. Today I got the e-mail with 'the failed payment'.
I logged in immediately and paid the monthly fee with my debit card. Now 2 hours later I still have no confirmation of the payment or whatever BUT they already took my money as I can see on my bank account.

What I need is help to paid this [-Censored-]ing month bill and then quit this useless company. They have an available chat for new customers but not for existing customers... so you can see how much they appreciate their customers lol
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Re: I need help

Depends on who you bank with, for example with Barclays when I use my debit card it will appear with 'pending transactions'.

I think I would give customer services a call, and say to them what you've said. "Why did you fail to take the monthly fee? Is there a problem on my account?". If you pay by direct debit, did it fail? Your bank can tell you if PlusNet requested it.

Also "Why is my account restricted when I have paid yourselves?". I assume it has been?

When I had a billing issue, PlusNet were very good.

So my advice is to give them a call and hopefully a CS member of staff can check the status of your account.

A member of staff may pick this up.