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I am unable to change my payment method

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I am unable to change my payment method

I was just hoping to change my debit payment to credit card payment. I have tried logging in a few times and every time I do that it just directs me to a blank page. 


Plusnet's response is awful as in zilch ! I call and hang on to the phone for ages and no one ever picks up! I did get through by chat online once and the fella on the other side says that I just have to call in. I call in but no one picks up. 


This is quite unacceptable as I have not changed my broadband provider because plusnet was previously very helpful to us when we had some issues with our exchange. Someone was always there to pick up our call.. now it just seems to have gone to pot. 


I am thinking of leaving if my issue remains unresolved and I cannot get hold of anyone to help me out as this is too frustrating. 

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Re: I am unable to change my payment method

Topic moved from Everything Else to Accounts and Billing.

Windows 10 Firefox 109.0 (64-bit)
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Re: I am unable to change my payment method

Hello @12redsquirrels, I am very sorry to hear you are having issues you are having when trying to change your payment method info. When you are using the website to change the details what errors are you getting?


Our call queues are something we are always trying to improve upon to provide an a better customer experience. Currently there is a 10 minute queue for our Customer Support team.