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Huh 2 after renewing contract

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Huh 2 after renewing contract

Hi guys, I joined Plusnet about a week before the hub 2 came out and started a new contract in sept 2022 but was never asked about a replacement hub despite starting a new contract.
I find my hub 1 doesn't reach the upstairs in my house, I use extenders but it's still almost unusable and intermittent even though it's literally the room above the router.

Is this right? Should I have been upgraded when I started the new contract as an existing customer or am I completely out of luck?
I didn't even know there was a new one until yesterday.

Not super happy, any ideas? Can I even complain here?
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Re: Huh 2 after renewing contract

@Mattenzo11  Welcome to the Community forums.

You don't normally get offered a new hub, it's not an automatic upgrade, you have to ask for one at the time. You could try ringing the Customer Options Team on 0800 013 2632 and ask but they might want to charge you about £100 for one or might offer you one for the P&P charge if you take out a new contract.

Don't pay for one. You might still have a wireless problem and there are plenty of alternatives. If they won't supply one an option is to pick up a BT Smarthub or Smarthub 2 from an auction site for very little money. They can be configured to work on your Plusnet service and have the same wireless performance. You will find the instructions pinned to the top of the Router board. This will tide you over until your next contract renewal.

Other alternative solutions:


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