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How to use the ticket/question on My Account

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How to use the ticket/question on My Account

I've recently had a broadband outage which self recovered and the Plus net team over the phone have been brilliant so 100/100 so far. This topic is to expand my understanding of the "ticket" / question  system (were you can view where things are up too so i don't confuse things in the future

I used the text service to report the fault, tests where done and a engineer booked.

As mentioned above the broadband self recovered so using the email from Plusnet Support i clicked   "Review my Question"

This took me to the open "question" which outlined each action undertaken (excellent) Then at the bottom it had a option to close the ticket. Thinking i was been helpful I clicked it and it closed it (thought it would ask why i choose it but there we are)


Still the engineer was booked (as i received a SMS) so had to physically phone and cancel (after trying to remember characters from a very long passphrase).


Glitch in the system or can i manage it better next time to avoid tying up agents?

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Re: How to use the ticket/question on My Account


Been a long time since I used the ticket system but there should be a reply function. Instead of clicking close you should have reported the problem sorted and ask for the engineer to be cancelled.


Unless the ticket has been put on Hold by support, it self closes after two weeks inactivity.