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How to resuscitate an account?

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How to resuscitate an account?


After 20 years with Plusnet I moved to Zen Internet a couple of years ago. Their service has been reliable but it is not cheap and the price is going up. I am interested in some of the offers from Plusnet, and in getting more speed if possible, but have run into problems accessing them.

As soon as I get started on the website, I have to start an account, and when I try to do that it tells me I already have one. I managed to log in to it but it seems to be frozen. It says I can't look at or change the products I have .. is there any way to remove that so I can examine the available offers?

It also says Plusnet owe me £6.x, which I hadn't realised!

When I was with Plusnet I was an active little chap and got a number of referral credits. They are still listed on the account; is there any way they can be resuscitated if I take out a new fibre package?

In case it is relevant I have two mobile packages with Plusnet too

Jerry W

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Re: How to resuscitate an account?


Welcome back @jerryw

I'm really sorry to see you're having issues signing up again. 

From what I can see I don't believe the broadband account you had previously would be causing an issue as it's cancelled nor would the mobile accounts you have with us, but I can also see a free account that's linked to your forum profile, from back in the day which has your landline number attached, so I've removed the number now.

Could you try again and let me know how it goes? 

Regarding the credit of £6.32, I've just dropped you an e-mail about that. Smiley

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