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How to leave?

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How to leave?

I am leaving plusnet, between speed issues, throttling and abysmal customer "support" (which has been my personal experience) I have decided not to renew.  I have read through the site and it says in most cases you dont need to let plusnet know, just  set up the dates with your new provider and the rest is handled, however it says if you are switching to virgin you do need to let plusnet know. Like every other time I have had a need to contact plusnet this is proving needlessly difficult.

Live chat is offline

The phone number listed on the website has had me waiting in queues for hours with no success

I do not use social media but I created a twitter because on plusnet's website there is a suggestion to "tweet" at them.

I respect the current climate is a weird one but they are still taking peoples money, there should still be some level of effort put in to maintaining any degree of support for their paying customers.


This leaves me with a few questions

1: Do i need to let plusnet know? my contract is due to expire and my virgin install date is just a couple of days before that expiry so I am not needing to cancel my contract early and buy my way out


2: ^If the answer is yes, is there no email I can reach out to? Is a constantly busy phone line and a seemingly unmanned social media account the only means of  even trying to get "support"?


Thank you

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Re: How to leave?


If you don’t cancel you will automatically be moved on to a monthly contract.

You can always use post, see.

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Re: How to leave?

@JamesT91 Try calling cancellations direct on 0800 013 2632. This number doesn’t look to be advertised on the website as it once was. It’s generally a lot quicker to get through than calling the usual number.