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How to add a file in response to a raised question

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How to add a file in response to a raised question

I have a problem with my recent bills and have now telephoned 3 times about my new contract. Each time I have spoken to support on the telephone (for some time) I have come away and then subsequently the actions implemented do not sort it out. So, tonight, I wrote out all the data in a doc.x file, as I noticed there is an option to add files on the 'open questions' page of my account.  I thought if someone would actually sit with all the information in front of them in writing this may help sort things out.  However, when I press the 'browse' button and navigate to the file on my computer the address contains full stops or slashes( as do most file addresses) and the message comes back that there is a problem attaching the file, presumably because the file name/ address does contain some of these characters. I then tried to send the information as a pdf.but this did not work either. Does anyone know any way I can forward this document to the accounts department at PlusNet?  I have the name of the last operative who tried to sort out my account but no way to contact him to say my bills are still incorrect.  Do I have to keep going round in circles, phoning again and again?

I am not particularly computer savvy so I may be doing something wrong in attaching the file.  Any help would be appreciated.


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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: How to add a file in response to a raised question

Hi Tiffany2@


I'm sorry to hear about the issue that you encountered.


On checking your account we can see that you were in touch today with one of our advisers.


Can you please confirm if you require further assistance?


Kind Regards