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How many if you out there are STILL waiting for a bill?

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How many if you out there are STILL waiting for a bill?

It’s been nearly 6 months now since I’ve been billed for broadband and phone. Everything was fine until we were forced into changing to a business tariff as my husband’s business is home based. I’m fed up of the poor response from customer service - summed up as we don’t know why and we don’t know when it will be resolved. My response to this is “The response to this ongoing issue is woefully poor. It beggars belief that a company can launch a new billing system which was obviously not tested robustly enough in its development. To launch a system which cannot perform its primary function is beyond incompetent and amazingly poor business practice. I wonder what your shareholders’ view of many clients having not been billed since the system launch nearly 6 months ago.”
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Re: How many if you out there are STILL waiting for a bill?

Don't worry they will send you a bill at some stage, there are a number of customers including me who did not get a bill for 3 months due to payments being taken from line rental saver.

Fortunately I had enough to pay 3 months in one go, perhaps I should have noticed it on my monthly bank statement....but then what...on the phone for ages wating to get through and then what ?.....Could the person I spoke to action it or transfer me to someone who could....more waiting.

How hard is it for PN to ensure customers can access their bill at any time and provide a facility where you can pay online using a debit or credit card.

Even the smallest of companies allow you to pay online why not PN ?

The whole system needs to be reorganised from billing to support and clearly this is not being done in a quick or efficient manner.

We need someone with authority to get on this forum and provide a update of a time scale for when these issues will be resolved.

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Re: How many if you out there are STILL waiting for a bill?

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Re: How many if you out there are STILL waiting for a bill?

The whole accounting and billing system is a shambles.  The posts in this forum illustrate the scale of the problem. 

In my case (and I have posted the details separately) Plusnet has failed to process and bill the My Referrals discounts correctly, and has totally failed to implement the new contract terms and tariff agreed in January.

But I am at least still getting monthly bills, unlike the OP in this thread!  The problem is that they are 'way higher than they should be as they are based on my "old" contracted tariff which has lapsed, and don't include the discounts.  So I am being significantly overcharged - and Plusnet continues to take excessive amounts as the payment is by Direct Debit.

I have echoed the call in this thread to see some responsible and senior representative of Plusnet speak up, step up, and address this situation.  It simply isn't acceptable for the staff who monitor the forums and field phone calls on a daily basis to say they have noted the problems, referred the matter to Billing, or escalated the issue. 

Plusnet staff simply expressing regret, and saying there is a problem which they are unable to deal with, is not enough. This is a disaster, in management and PR terms.  Plusnet's reputation has been seriously damaged.  It makes their advertising pitch about service-quality and getting things right look hypocritical and a complete joke.  The problem needs to be firmly and effectively gripped at senior level, and proper and full explanations offered. 

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Re: How many if you out there are STILL waiting for a bill?

Must admit, so far I haven't had any problems with billing. Or at least none that I'm aware of.


As to billing problems, I'd suggest paying a visit to Ofcom. On their website it explains how to go about complaining...officially.


You can even fill in this Ofcom telco monitoring form to give your experience of your ISP.

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Re: How many if you out there are STILL waiting for a bill?

I haven't had a correct bill since September. It is absolutely farcical. Every time a Plus Net staff member replies, you get the same generic "We are very sorry", "We don't know when it will be fixed" replies, which help nobody. If its taken their "back end" guys 6 months so far, to achieve seemingly nothing, I would seriously suggest their competence?! 

I have logged it with Ofgem, and once my contract is up, I shall absolutely not be renewing! If I can exit my contract early (which I will be exploring soon, if the billing situation doesn't improve in the next few weeks), I will be leaving as soon as I can. I have been with PlusNet for nearly 10 years, so it is a shame, but this has been absolutely diabolical, so I am not carrying on my custom with them!

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Re: How many if you out there are STILL waiting for a bill?

Me too. I will be leaving PN at the end of my contract but I do hope it won't come to that. Reason of why I want to leave PN is because of unresolve with billing issies ongoing, no cheque from PN since 1st February, No ticket reply for months. Overall very disappointed from PN lately.


I will not renewal my contract if the billing isn't resolve by the time in October 2019.


Still waiting for my bills since October 22nd 2018.