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How long will it take to end contract?

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How long will it take to end contract?


My current contract will end on 25th March 2020.  On 9th March, I contacted another provider to switch phone/broadband service from Plusnet to that provide.I received an email from Plusnet on 12th March 2020 saying
"Your phone service will transfer automatically on 24th March 2020 and will result in the cancellation of your phone contract"
Today (13th March 2020), I phoned you to confirm moving the broadband service on the same day as well.

However, I just received an email saying "The cancellation will take place on 4th April 2020. "

Why should not the cancellation take place on 24th March 2020 when the phone service is moving?

I have noticed the termination policy at you website (
"You normally have to give us 14 days' notice to end your contract (whether or not you’r
e within the minimum term)."

Could you please explain why? Could I be charged more if the cancellation takes place on 4th April 2020 instead of 24th March 2020?


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Re: How long will it take to end contract?


Changing your ISP requires Openreach engineers to actually go and make the necessary changes. These are programmed to fit in with engineer availability, which might not be on your chosen date.

Having said this it is not unknown for Openreach to reschedule tasks and for this information to fail to get through to Plusnet's customer. The most reliable way to see when tasks are programmed is to put your phone number in here and read through the content. You should see a reference to an open order and a completion date. This is the currently planned sate for the changeover.

I suspect that there will be additional charges from Plusnet if the date is delayed but this should be largely offset with a later billing date from your new ISP.

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Re: How long will it take to end contract?

Good Evening @emily2019, I can see that you have spoken to a member of the customer options team who have hopefully answered your questions. If you do have any questions please do not hesitated to contact us further.


Thank you



 Jo Clark
 Plusnet Help Team