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How do we help PN - support our referers

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How do we help PN - support our referers

No criticism here guys, but I visited a friend I had refered - and checked his PC, Broadband connection etc etc.
Found a few issues - like he had not yet managed to set up email client - Thunderbird - so hadn't got emails from PN about a few things, and he had also exceeded his data download - and been capped. Without email he hadn't read the warning emails.
I know we have issues of data protection etc., but maybe there should be a mechanism that if we refer someone, we can then be included in any warning messages about such issues etc, so we can ensure they have a positive new PN experince. Huh
Good thing is I phoned CSC on my friends behalf - and had a very, very positive and helpful guy help us ( sorry - missed the name )
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Re: How do we help PN - support our referers

What I used to do was ensure my email was on the account, that way the referral got an email to their default account as did I, providing your referral is happy for that to happen. Smiley