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How can disabled avoid early cancellation fees.

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How can disabled avoid early cancellation fees.

Hello. I'm disabled so can get a concessionary provision with BT for £15, which would be a great saving for me. However, it will cost me more than the saving to cancel my contract with Plusnet (I have 8 months left). Is there any way to avoid these cancellation fees?

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Re: How can disabled avoid early cancellation fees.

Ofcom have asked ISPs to either provide social tariffs or waive early termination fees for people moving to a social tariff with another ISP - see ofcom-tells-broadband-isps-to-halt-big-price-hikes-and-offer-social-tariffs 

The ball is in Plusnet's court...

Edit: the DWP has published an API that allows ISPs to check the eligibility of a customer to a social tariff. The use of this API would require Plusnet to update their billing system. Given Plusnet's history of updates to their billing system I don't expect any such update to happen soon, or to actually work when they do update it.