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How can I close a question

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How can I close a question

I need to because there are supposedly 6 questions relating to the home move I initiated today and (weirdly) only 4 questions can be open at one time!!!

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Community Gaffer
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Re: How can I close a question


Hi @daveplus I'm sorry to see the excess questions/tickets that have been opened in relation to your house move. 

3 of the tickets which are open for us to monitor things although the remaining 3 tickets don't really need to be open so I've closed them now. The ticket 194061160 is the main house move one where we'll provide updates on the order.

The ticket 194061010 is automated and controls your account billing, suspending it when we've ceased your service and reactivating the billing when your order has completed at your new address. That should always be open, it'll close automatically as soon as your order has completed.

Finally the ticket 194061265 is there for us to re-apply discounts later in the year in line with your contract.

I hope this helps.

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