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House Move

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House Move

Is there any chance someone can take a look at Question #60230567.
I requested a Home Move, and a change to Fibre and have Plusnet as my phone provider.  However, after Plusnet and BT giving me the run around on the best way to do this (ie. how best to line their respective pockets), I used the BT website to start a home move request, and contacted Plusnet and arranged to just have a broadband move.
I have just got an sms saying that my fibre has been ordered and an appointment has been booked.  Not only that, but a router is being sent out that I never requested in the initial order!
I am now looking forward to another morning waiting on hold just to try and sort out this debacle.
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Re: House Move

The router is mandatory for fibre orders. It doesn't stop you from using your own, though.