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Hotel California

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Hotel California

I'm having real problems leaving Plus Net and I am having direct debits taken from my bank account even when the service has ceased. Tried to sort out over the phone to no avail. Was promised a call back which hasn't happened. Tried to log on to my account to raise a ticket, but account appears to have been wiped.


If I can provide the details to one of the reps on here can they have a look or do I need to resort to writing letters? I am reluctant to keep trying to fix this over the phone as it's exasperating and I've done this three times already.




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Re: Hotel California

I'm really sorry to see the poor experience you've had following your services migrating away @Quidconogo


Looking over the account, I can see this was resolved by a colleague earlier this morning and the account has been closed along with a pro-rata refund for any payments that covered the time after your services had left us.


@Quidconogo wrote:

Tried to log on to my account to raise a ticket, but account appears to have been wiped.

When an account is closed you should still have access to the portal and be able to view the tickets on the account.


Confirmation of the closure can be found on Ticket: 176813131 and confirmation of refund amounts following a phone call from a colleague after you made this post can be found on Ticket 176817573.


I do apologise for the experience you've had and wish you all the best with your new provider moving forward.

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 Harry Beesley
 Plusnet Infrastructure Operations Professional