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Home Phone - Cancellation stopped email

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Home Phone - Cancellation stopped email

After attempting to take my Plusnet broadband contract with me when I moved house a few weeks ago, I have since decided to cancel and use another provider at my new property (I won't go into all the details).

Plusnet are not supplying anyone with anything in this contract at the moment, the connection to my old house is severed and the new owner is connected with a different provider. 

Amazingly I have had an email "Home Phone - Cancellation stopped" email. How? Why? This email came in barely 20 minutes after my last conversation with them. We had agreed cancellation fees, what to do with the router, everything and now it is cancelled? I realise that this is an automated email, but now I cannot even get through on the phone number to question it. 

Can I just ignore this email? I have reread it again and it could be read as they are confirming that the phone line itself will not be cut, as it is being used by the new owner (begs the question why they sent me the email though?).

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Home Phone - Cancellation stopped email

The cancellation request you will have received @chriskelly5 will be that to take over the service at the new property and as you have requested the account to be closed a separate email will have been sent confirming this here.


I'm really sorry for the confusion this has caused, please get back to me if you need anything else as I am happy to help.



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