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Helping with a ticket

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Helping with a ticket

I spoke to my only referral  a week ago and he seemed to be having similar problems to me with fluctuating speeds. My problems are noise related and I have used DMT to get it down to 12.1db but cannot seem to get it any lower.
He said he had complained about it but I don't know if he raised a ticket or not. His speed had dropped to 700 kbps. He asked that I complain as he knew I had problems and I said I would but my download speed  was currently about 1500kbps and configured  for 2000 (since dropped to 1750) which I thought acceptable.
As he lives just 4 houses away about 100 metres or so  further from the exchange I suggested we compare stats. as my figures  when I checked at peak times had been as bad or worse and were again at the weekend when I checked.
He had bought a new laptop so he could use it nearer to his wireless router and when he was using it last Friday evening and before we could start comparisons he collapsed and is in hospital. I only became aware of his illness on Monday and am going to see him tomorrow and want to be able to tell him I have done something about it.
I don't know his noise margin but could it be simply contention causing our problems at peak?
Should I raise a ticket giving his user name as it is likely to be some months before he is able to use his computer to ensure his complaint isn't forgotten?
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Re: Helping with a ticket

Wuz - He would need to raise a ticket on his account, or better stuff, go to so that our faults team can investigate the issue.
We can't investigate a ticket on your account asking us to look at someone elses.
However, if you PM me the username, I don't mind having a quick look.