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Help determining applicable parts of price guide

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Registered: ‎05-04-2019

Help determining applicable parts of price guide

I'm trying to understand which parts of this lengthy document might apply to me:

It states "Where there is conflict between prices in the Price Guide and in the Residential Tariff Guide, the Price Guide takes precedence."

Before I potentially waste some time trying to fathom it, is the above URL the aforementioned 'Price Guide' and not the, potentially inaccurate, 'Residential Tariff Guide'?

I've been a PN customer for some years, fIbre since about 2014. Current contract runs 2 years from mid 2020, expiring May 2022. My prepaid yearly line rental also expires in May this year.


Which table(s) at the above URL, or another page if that is not authorative, apply to me?

Help from an interpretter appreciated!