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Help cancelling

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Help cancelling



I need help cancelling my account. I am currently in the process of immigrating to the USA. I have been trying to get through to the customer service to cancel repeatedly.
As you will see. I have a failed payment on the account as I have been in the process of moving my finances overseas.
I had tried to call from the US to cancel, as i had been there for the month of february.
I spent my entire international minutes allowance on hold. So I had no choice but to wait til i returned to the UK to sort it.
I managed to contact someone via the online chat to inform you guys that I would be back in the country last week.
Since then I have been trying without success in my spare time between emptying my flat to get through. But again I have just been sat on hold.
I don't want to just go ahead and pay the balance on the account to have it reconnected automatically online. Because I wish to cancel so I don't need it reconnected and I don't know the actual amount I owe as as far as im aware payments are taken a month in advance, and obviously I am aware than cancellations need to be done over the phone.
Anyways. Is there anyway someone can contact me about giving me a callback. So I can find out what I need to pay to settle my account and have it cancelled as im at the point where it really needs done and with the time i have available it seems im not going to get through. I can't sit on hold all day.



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Re: Help cancelling

You don't need to phone. From the standard terms and conditions:

19.2. Communicating with us: If you wish to give us notice, you must do so by either:

19.2.1. phoning our customer service team; or

19.2.2. writing to Plusnet Plc, The Balance, 2 Pinfold Street, Sheffield, S1 2GU.

Make sure you send it to be signed for.

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