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Have left PN and paid the final bill and yet

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Have left PN and paid the final bill and yet

Today, you send me an email saying I have cancelled the DD and another requesting that I set up another Direct Debit for you. You must be joking.


With any company, once a final bill has been paid I cancel the direct debit associated with that account. Stops companies forever debiting an account.


Maybe time to update the system so that it doesn't go off chasing phantoms and ghosts that have moved on.

And no, I will not be setting up another DD.

Ever helpful. Grin Sure, I’d love to help you out. Now which way did you come in?
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Have left PN and paid the final bill and yet


Hi @idonno


The notification relating to the DD being cancelled is automated and is generated whenever a DD is cancelled in case the EU is unaware that the DD has been cancelled.


We recommend keeping the DD active following the cancellation of your account to ensure that any refund due can be processed back to those DD details - however this is not essential and we would default to a cheque payment if these weren't available.