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Greetings everybody!

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Greetings everybody!



I've been a Plusnet customer for years, but this is my first time on the forum. Nice to, er, see everyone!

What I'd like to know is... I've been a Plusnet customer for years, and so has my other half. We've never officially lived together, but this situation may change in the near future. So, does anyone know what happens to service provision when two existing customers formerly from different addresses move into the same living space? 

I tried to chat to Plusnet but there was nobody there to talk to!

Lots of love,

P xxx






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Re: Greetings everybody!

Greetings @Puflet - welcome to the forum.  Smiley


I'm inferring from your OP that you're moving from your present addresses to a third, new one.

The answer depends on whether one or both of you also have your phone service with Plusnet, and which number you'd be retaining if you're going to share the phone line.

If you're moving to a different exchanger area then the number(s) would have to be changed.

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Re: Greetings everybody!

Thanks All Star!


I'm more concerned about broadband, really. You see, the situation is that we will eventually be moving to the same address - but he'll be moving first. What would happen to my Plusnet account when I move in, and before that, would I be able to take my computer up to his place whilst I'm still notionally living somewhere else so I can use it when I visit?


All advice gratefully received!



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Re: Greetings everybody!


@Puflet - There are some things to consider here. For one if your partner moves first the assumption would be that he would simply migrate his existing service so there should, in theory, be no issues there. It only take a phone call.

If you want to use your PC at your partners house while visiting that’s nothing to do with Plusnet, it is your partners service and who uses it is up to them.

The only possible fly in the ointment I can see is when you yourself move in permanently. As you will already have a Plusnet provided broadband service at your new address I doubt you’ll be wanting two, so you will have to terminate your own one and this is where the fly comes in as it may well cost you, if you are still in contract.

Again a call / chat to services will tell you what the cost, will be, if any.



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Re: Greetings everybody!

Hi Puflet, welcome to the forums!

The staff do not monitor the introductions forum but if you like I can ask moderators to move your thread over to the account/billing section of the Community where it will get better visibility. Or you can raise a new thread over in the account/billing section yourself to start discussions and get your question in front of our support staff that will be able to help you.

Hope this helps and congrats on taking the big step with moving in with your significant other Smiley

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Re: Greetings everybody!

Moderator's note:

@Puflet I have moved the thread to Accounts/Billing for you.

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Re: Greetings everybody!

Perhaps if your partner recontracts, PN will let you pay less for cancelling, or more likely make him a very good offer so that he might share his good fortune with you. Smiley  Good luck and welcome to this forum.

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Re: Greetings everybody!

Thanks to everyone for your help and support - all this is EXACTLY what I wanted to know!


What a great bunch you are!