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Going back on agreed price

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Going back on agreed price

I joined PlusNet back in 2008 on a 2gb capped broadband only package paying £9.99 a month. In the last few months I'd regularly been exceeding my cap and paying £1.25 for each extra gb used.
I decided that there must be a better way for me and on 23 August phoned the customer retention team. After some time on the phone, I was offered a package of £9.99 unlimited as a special deal to keep me, I wouldn't have to change my phone line to PlusNet and could keep with my current supplier. I agreed to this, with my new deal to come in from my next billing date. I checked my account details and there is a record of what we agreed at question 109663400 .
So my billing date comes round a couple of weeks later and I found that I had been charged £12.49. I used the online chat to get in touch thinking that PlusNet would simply apologise and correct the charge to what I had been offered and agreed to. The online support refused to do this, told me that that cost could only apply if I took PlusNet's phone line, said he couldn't escalate to a team leader and insisted that all I could do was phone the customer retention team again (he didn't recognise the name of the person who had made the agreement with me). I told him that I find phoning difficult (I am in my 80s and hard of hearing) but he said this was the only real option.
Still unhappy and unwilling to phone up I managed to find the 'ask a question' contact for customer support. I received a response which said that they can't negotiate my price and that I would have to phone up.
I'm feeling really let down by this - as far as I'm concerned PlusNet agreed a price to keep my custom and are now not keeping their word. I've said that I can't easily phone in (my son helped me with my first call) and to be honest don't see why I should: PlusNet should be able to sort this out among themselves. After all the motto is 'We'll do you proud'.
So, if someone from PlusNet customer support reads this, can they please help me so that I can pay what's been agreed.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Going back on agreed price

Sorry to see what's happened/
I've made sure this is correct going forward and I've refunded you the incorrect charge.
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 Matthew Wheeler
 Plusnet Help Team