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Giftcard is a con.

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Giftcard is a con.

I signed up to plusnet earlier this year. I was previously with talktalk and plusnet told me it would cost £50 in installation fees. I stopped checking other providers at this point. I wasnt bothered about the £50 because I was promised a £75 gift card.

Here i am months later. No gift card. I spoke to somebody they said the card had been posted but expired and the money had gone back to plusnet.

I rang plusnet they can see the card expired but will not send another card. This card was the reason I joined plusnet and it never arrived.

I received an email stating it would be with me but I don't believe the gift card was ever posted.

I think the gift card was a lie to get my custom
Now you have it and I'm locked in you see no reason to give me the gift card?

This is a disgrace. I expect this matter to be sorted or I will go to Ombudsman service to get the matter resolved.

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Re: Giftcard is a con.


You will need to jump through a few hoops before an ombudsman will investigate. The procedure is here.