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Free to leave email but still under contract

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Free to leave email but still under contract


I am under contract until 19th November and today received an email offering me a new 18 month contract but also contained the text below


"If you decide to leave before the end of your current contract you can do so without paying any early termination fees by getting in touch with us on 0800 587 1942 and giving 14 days’ notice."


I was looking to move elsewhere when my contract ends in November but this implies I can do so now, has anyone else received this email and left without fees before the contact has ended? If sign up to a new ISP and the line is moved over is the 14 days notice requirement met?



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Re: Free to leave email but still under contract

Hi @seashore

I suspect we may have automatically sent you a slightly wrong version of the account review email. 

If you do want to leave us before your contract ends, based on what we've sent we'll be happy to honour our offer of waiving termination fees and you'd need to call us on 0800 587 1942 so we can make sure we place a marker on your account appropriately for the system to ignore termination fees when it generates your final bill. 

Similarly if you can call us on the same number, we may be able to tempt you with a new deal to stay with us... 

It's worth noting though that you'll get an end of contract reminder email within the last 40 days of your contract ending and we'll make you another online offer which may be better than the offer we've made you in the account review.

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