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Free line rental

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Free line rental

Hi everyone
I have a few issues ongoing but my main concern at the moment is that I have upgraded my fibre to fibre extra within the initial period of free line rental. I had assumed that upgrading would have not ended my free line rental offer, yet now I have been charged for this after receiving my bill since the upgrade.
Any info is much appreciated
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Re: Free line rental


Thanks for getting in touch.

Could you advise where we've said we'll provide you with free line rental? There may be some confusion regarding this as while our offers "include line rental" the line rental component is still there. It's just how the total cost is displayed.

I've reviewed your account though and based on what I can see I've created a ticket here: with more information including the steps I've taken to try to resolve this.

Hope this helps.

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Re: Free line rental

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