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Formal Complaint - PN Direct Debit Abuse ... YET AGAIN !

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Formal Complaint - PN Direct Debit Abuse ... YET AGAIN !

I note that once again PN have advised me what my charges will be and even managed to charge almost the correct amount for short while. However, it certainly wasn't very long at all before you started totally ignoring the email advice & all relevant data on the portal and began abusing the DD agreement & my Bank A/C by charging me a random and excessive amount Angry x lots Sad

Last time this went on for 2 years and at no time was I ever charged the correct amount other than by pure accident it would appear.  Every month yet another random incorrect amount charged to my Bank A/C. Search the forum for a 2-year long thread with all the gory details.


I have just a few hours at home and with PN internet access today but 1001 vitally important things I absolutely have to do. I DO NOT need this hassle and abuse again from PN because I simply cannot deal with it for several months. In just a few hours time I will have no sensible internet access or PN email access again for the next several weeks/months. It is impossible for me to attempt to force PN to resolve this matter in the short period of time I have available and I'm not even likely to be able to review any response to this thread today either. It's simply a line in the sand so to speak which will be saved and printed out once posted for use as documentary evidence in the future. Please note:

(1) You advised me what the revised charges will be in February

(2) You even managed to charge me this amount (give or take 1p) in April and May

(3) I just so happen to spot today whilst conducting some urgent routine banking that you robbed me blind in June and presumably fully intend to do so for as long as you think you can get away with it.

Kindly correct this blatant & abusive overcharge immediately and bill me the correct amount as advised (and as was also fully documented on the portal last time checked) in all future months ... or be ready to face the consequences in due course when I am actually able to fully review your actions and/or initiate appropriate legal action if necessary in order to recover these abusive if not fraudulent charges plus all costs incurred as a direct result thereof.

PLEASE NOTE: The above is in no way intended as a personal threat or even a threat of any kind. It is quite simply just a statement of fact: Continue with what appears to be PN standard practice abuse of the DD agreement, the Banking system in general & my Bank A/C in particular and there will be appropriate consequences to face in due course. I welcome and will appreciate any response, help, advise or actions taken despite not being able to see any such things or provide more details if needed until most likely some time in November/December.

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Re: Formal Complaint - PN Direct Debit Abuse ... YET AGAIN !

This forum is not an official channel for submitting formal complaints, see:

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Re: Formal Complaint - PN Direct Debit Abuse ... YET AGAIN !

Hi @mikeb, I'm sorry your bill isn't what you expected. I've tried to call but the line was engaged. I've popped a ticket onto your account to explain what's happened and what you can do going forward.

You can view the ticket here 

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