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First Impressions

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First Impressions

Only joined recently and as my bill has now doubled from initiating the contract, thought I would view my bill, especially for calls.

Locked out with an error message and I cannot retrieve any info.

A forced survey then appears in the bottom left (maybe this caused the lockout) with no cross facility in the corner to clear the survey. First company to force and effectively tell me what I can do.

Go to "contact us" and online, you can't, because online chat finishes at 10pm and their is no email facility. It is appalling for any 24 hour service industry to not have the facility to feedback in writing 24 hrs of the day in some format. I am not phoning and waiting in a queue, I have already spent an hour trying to get some simple information.

5 yrs with Nationwide Building Society. Have never had an issue with apps, online, transferring money everywhere, setting up payments, new cards etc etc. Not a single issue.....ever.

SUMMARY....An overly optimistic marketing strategy to entice people in, to which the team are under delivering.....people vote with their feet ! I have never been swayed by a retentions team, assuming they have one.

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Re: First Impressions

Thanks for getting in touch @Birgy I'm sorry to see you're experiencing problems contacting us.

While we don't offer or advertise that we do 24/7 support (At least since 2015) for residential customers, if you want to leave us a message when we're closed then feel free to raise a ticket Here if your query meets one of the listed topics or send us a message via Facebook/Twitter. We also monitor our community forums everyday and happy to help over here.

With regards to the survey you're unable to bypass, I occasionally see that myself and I've always been able to close it without actually filling out the survey. Could you post up a screenshot showing what you see the next time it pops up. This will allow us to get an idea of what you're seeing and provide further advice/investigate further.

Moving on to the issue at hand, I've checked your bill and everything looks correct to me. For a breakdown of any extra fees you've incurred I'd suggest logging into your account online and checking your bill Here.

Finally, we do have a retentions team and they're available on 0800 013 2632 with no call queue as I type this. Although I wouldn't recommend contacting them about this issue as they're generally here to retain you if you're thinking of leaving at the end of a contract term or if you want to cancel your contract.

I do hope this helps.

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