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Final letter re Breach of Contract posted to Plusnet by Royal Mail

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Final letter re Breach of Contract posted to Plusnet by Royal Mail

Final letter re Breach of Contract posted to Plusnet by Royal Mail

The Complaints Manager

Plusnet plc
The Balance
2 Pinfold Street
S1 2GU                                                                                       24th December, 2018

Dear Sir or Madam

My User Name: ******** - Account ID *********************** - Breach of Contract by Plusnet

I invite you to read and peruse the record of issues which I have been assured are available to you on my Plusnet computerised account held at your end.

I have been a Plusnet customer for several years now but of late, the service your company has provided me has quite literally collapsed.

My internet has been getting slower and slower (sometimes down to 2MB and lower) and I have kept internet speed test results and sent them to Plusnet to whom I currently pay £21.98 PCM.

Nothing was being properly dealt with and weeks passing by with low speeds or no service at all and so I decided to make sure Plusnet were getting my message by cancelling my Bank Direct Debit back in November, 2018. That drew a very swift response at last (!) as I am part way through a so called internet supply contract. With the promise of action, I instructed Plusnet to reinstate my Direct Debit (DD) and it appeared on my bank account as a pending DD during the beginning of December.

Eventually Plusnet arranged for an Openreach engineer to call who was a very pleasant man who spent five hours diagnosing the problem which was down to wiring issues in the main BT exchange somewhere.

All well and good and working internet restored for 30 minutes.

I was then able to log on to my emails and find one from Plusnet giving me 14 days to pay up. I would also face financial penalties if I did not address the matter within 14 days.

The internet then crashed again and I was not able to make an on line payment.

I rang Plusnet to be treated to half an hour of scratchy music and static until eventually my call was answered.

I was informed that I had been placed on restricted service due to non payment of charge. I asked that this be looked into and was then told this was due to an error on Plusnet's part in not properly setting up the DD which would be referred to the 'back office'. I then agreed to pay £21.98 via bank debit card on the spot to properly reinstate my service with the assurance that I would get a service and that next month's payment would be via DD.

An evening of crashing internet - two minutes on line followed by three minutes not and flashing red light on my router - followed.

Again, days of intermittent internet service followed and on Friday 21st December, 2018, I phoned Plusnet Customer Support and demanded to speak with a Manager.

I was put through to a Team Leader called [CSA Removed].

She assured me that the matter would be addressed and promised me a month's refund plus £10. This has not yet been received.

I was then put through to the technicians and the matter was again addressed.

The system again collapsed on Christmas Eve and I rang and reported this again.

I have kept a record of my calls and can inform you that down this past six weeks, I have spent 16 hours on the telephone to Plusnet. I have been constantly informed that these problems arise because I owe Plusnet money and then when I persist and insist that the call answerer reads my record of calls, they will see that the fault actually lays with Plusnet.

I would remind Plusnet that a contract runs two ways!

I am writing requesting that this matter is addressed once and for all

If this situation remains extant by 15th January, 2019, then I will treat this as a breach of contract on Plusnet's part and quite simply unplug the router and seek broadband supply from another supplier.

I look forward to your reply with proposals.

Yours faithfully

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Re: Final letter re Breach of Contract posted to Plusnet by Royal Mail

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Re: Final letter re Breach of Contract posted to Plusnet by Royal Mail

Hi @Michael312, thank you for your post and detailed account of the poor service you've received so far.


From what you describe the service received is well below what you'd expect from a top ISP such as ourselves and I'm sincerely sorry for this.


I can see from the account that an engineer is scheduled to visit today - please let us know how it goes.


With regards your letter - As soon as it arrives it will be picked up by our Higher Level Escalations team, who will contact you firstly to confirm receipt before assigning it to a case handler who'll then contact you directly.