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Final bill

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Final bill

Hopefully this will be the last thread I ever have to make here, but 2 questions


1: Can anyone tell me why my final bill is expensive?  I am not cancelling a contract I am simply not renewing it from the expiry date, the confirmation email I got about end of service specifically said there are no cancellation charges and the itemized bill has my usual items but for some reason the prices for both line rental and unlimited fibre are more than they should be, with no reason given


2: Short of having to deal with having to wait through more queues on the phone to talk to them yet again is there anyway I can check my account is cancelled? The bill I asked about in my first question gives a date next month for my next bill but there should not be a "next"

I would give the benefit of the doubt on this and assume its just the template for the message, but since this company is so bad I want to specifically ask.  I called them up to cancel and in the call I specifically asked the man " is this all that needs to be done? is this all it takes to cancel everything?" he assured me that yes, that was all I needed to do, but when I receieved a letter talking about leaving they said they would cancel only my fiber and nothing else because apparently they had "not receieved confirmation" about cancelling the service in its entierety and now I have receieved a bill that is giving ongoing dates for further payments

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Re: Final bill

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Re: Final bill

You say you are not cancelling your contract, but simply not renewing it?

If you don't renew your contract it will simply continue on a rolling 30 day notice period indefinitely, but be charged at the out of contract price - which is usually much higher than the contract price.

If you really want to stop the service (and not transfer it to another ISP) you will have to explicitly cancel it - as you are out of contract there will be a 30 day notice period, but no early termination charge.