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Final Bill Payment

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Final Bill Payment


I moved from Plusnet to BT broadband in September now 2 months after leaving I've received a second final bill for 0.56p. I received my first final bill on October 12th so rang Plusnet to get the account closed.

On the call the person I spoke to told me they had closed my account and no further payment was required so I’m annoyed as to why I’ve been sent another bill for 0.56p which if unpaid will be sent to a Debt Collection Agency


Whilst closing my account I received 5 emails is this normal when closing an account at Plusnet?

Your broadband order - Update

Your Plusnet Protect service has been cancelled

About your cancellation request

Your alias was deleted

Your mailbox was deleted


I'm currently overseas and don't want to make an expensive call to Plusnet to find out its another problem and I don’t have to pay the 0.56p. I’ve tried to find other ways to contact them but it seems they have no other customer service channels so this is my last hope as I can no longer log into my account because its been deleted

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Re: Final Bill Payment

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Re: Final Bill Payment


The problem is that even if you are told that there is nothing to pay, can you trust Plusnet not to send the bill to a debt collection agency and destroy your credit record? After this display of incompetence I certainly wouldn't.

Find a way to pay the 56p and make sure that they give you a receipt and a new final invoice showing that the account is clear. This could be a good starting point as after 8 weeks you can take it to arbitration if necessary.

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Re: Final Bill Payment


Hi @chrisnumpty, thanks for getting in touch and I'm sincerely sorry to hear you've had billing issues despite recently closing your acocunt. I've looked into this for you and although I can't confirm my actions or findings on here, I've updated a ticket on your account with the information that can be seen here:

I hope this helps and please note I'll be keeping an eye on your account as to make sure this is resolved moving forwards for you.

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Re: Final Bill Payment

Thank you Ben for your quick response and support. It feels like you get far a better customer experience on the Plusnet community rather than trying to get through to customer service


Thanks again