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Fibre Product Change and Discount

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Fibre Product Change and Discount

Hi All.  Hope someone can advise:


I am 3 months into an 18 month contract with Unlimited Fibre (38/10).  I would like to change to Unlimited Fibre Extra (76/20).


When I go to do this from the member centre it tells me I pay £15.99 + line rental for my current package and the new one will be £20.99 + rental.  It says the current contract length will remain unchanged with 15 months remaining.

However, I don't pay that much currently as there's an £11.99 discount on the account.


So...if I switch the product online to the Extra package, will I keep the £11.99 discount for the remaining months or will it come off?  I'm happy to pay £5 more but not £17 more!


I've asked 2 advisers on the phone who say that I can't change my plan, and instead would need to sign up to a new 18 month contract to do it.  I'm not against this per se, but they were offering it at a higher price than listed online for new customers so I wasn't keen to take up that offer.


Any suggestions or experiences?

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Re: Fibre Product Change and Discount

Well, you are no longer a new customer so forget new customer offers, and you can't leave for another 15 months without incurring a fairly large fee so PN are unlikely to be too worried about losing you for the moment.  Did you speak to the normal CS guys or did you speak to Customer Options?  The customer options team might allow you to switch to the more expensive product while still keeping your current discount, or they might only do so if you start a new 18-month contract.  Either way you are going to be paying PN more money so it's worth a try.

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Re: Fibre Product Change and Discount

As @Jonpe suggested the way forward with this is to give the Customer Options Team a call to see what they can offer. Certainly avoid using Product Change on the website, that would drop your current discount.

The COT can be contacted on the direct number 0800 013 2632 (choose the thinking of leaving option) and for residential customers they are available
8am to 8pm Mon - Fri
9am to 7pm Sat,
9am to 6pm Sun.