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Fiber upgrade to unlimited.

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Fiber upgrade to unlimited.


I have recently upgraded my fiber from the £19.99 p/m with £250GB's to the £19.99 (same price) unlimited one.
However, I am about to go over the 250gb limit before the next billing date (only a matter of days).
I have called you guys and been informed that there is nothing you can do to allow me unlimited a couple of days early. Instead I have to pay £5 per 5gb's which I find is extortionate when on a fiber connection and could use this up very quickly. We get all our TV via the net and can get through a lot.
I spoke to one of your agents last month and explained my situation. We decided that I should wait another month so I did not loose the last month of my money off. However, if my understanding is correct I could have just upgraded then because it would not have taken effect until the next billing date (avoiding the extra charges this month)?Huh
I could understand your reasoning about waiting for the billing date if the price of my package had changed but the fact of the matter is I was paying the same amount as your customers that were on unlimited while I was being limited. This does not seem very fair. Why not give me the same level of service as your other customers paying the same amount?
I would greatly appreciate it if someone could consider the points I put forward here and maybe reconsider your position or provide me with any other options other than the £5 for 5GB?

Look forward to your response & thanks,
Plusnet Alumni (retired) chrispurvey
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Re: Fiber upgrade to unlimited.

Hi there,
It's the way our billing system works that processes any account changes on billing dates.
I've created a ticket on your account #65737203 you can view it at