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Farcical Mess of Customer Service - Thank God i've left

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Farcical Mess of Customer Service - Thank God i've left

After having a pretty decent service for a couple of years, we decided to move our fibre broadband and phone to Sky back in November as they could offer a better and cheaper overall package. Sky contacted Plusnet and set this in motion. I then received the 'sorry your leaving' message and a note saying we would owe £178 for early termination. I looked online and could see that a few months before i'd cancelled our anytime call package as we hardly used the landline. It seems this triggered a whole new contract, which obviously we hadn't been informed of and shouldn't have happened.

I contacted Plusnet by phone who confirmed this was an error and that the charge would be removed. I assumed this would be sorted. 


After my services were transferred I went into the online account again, and the amount was still showing as owing. I contacted again by phoned but after 15min wait on hold, gave up. I tried the live chat which got through after a while. The person I spoke to there confirmed again it was an error and would be removed and that I definitely wouldn't be billed.


Today I've received an email and a text saying that you were unable to take my £178. Very glad that I cancelled the direct debit otherwise i'd have basically had the thick end of £200 stolen from me.


I've tried phoning and gave up after another 15mins on hold. I went to use live chat, but this is greyed out saying all advisors are busy. I tried replying to the email that was sent to me, and that bounced back saying that you 'prefer electronic tickets to emails', even though you don't have any sort of ticketing system available.


The whole thing is a mess and has wasted far too much of my time already. Please get this ridiculous bill removed from my account before I have to contact the communications ombudsman to report this.

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Re: Farcical Mess of Customer Service - Thank God i've left

I'm really sorry to hear this.

I've raised this with our debt management team to write off the outstanding balance as soon as they can.

From 31st October 2022, I no longer have a regular presence here as I’ve moved on to a new role.
Anoush Mortazavi
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Re: Farcical Mess of Customer Service - Thank God i've left

"write off the outstanding balance"

That's an odd way of putting things. It means that plusnet still believe there is a balance to be paid but they've decided to be magnanimous and let the debtor off.

Perhaps this would be more apt............."I've raised this with our debt management team to correct this string of errors as soon as they can".