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Failed transfer. No internet/phone for a month. Cancelled account. Still no refund!!

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Failed transfer. No internet/phone for a month. Cancelled account. Still no refund!!

Plusnet completely screwed up my transfer from BT. In the end due to a catalogue of errors made by numerous staff I was left without a working phone line or broadband service for 4 weeks as Plusnet accidentally installed two additional phone lines at my property, cutting off my BT services. As Plusnet had failed to even transfer my service from BT or even inform BT that they were trying to transfer me, I still continued to have to pay for my now non-working BT broadband and phone line. 


I contacted Plusnet on 29th July and spoke to the cancellations department. They apologised for everything that had happened and completely agreed that you have completely failed to provide me with the services and failed to transfer me from BT. You agreed that you would refund me the full initial payment that I made of £197.89 and that once this refund had gone through my account would be closed down. 


Two weeks later I still had not received my refund. On 14th August I contacted Plusnet who said that the member of staff had agreed to the refund but had forgotten to put it through on the system. You apologised for this error and put it through, stating it should take 3 - 5 working days.


6 working days later I still had no notification of any refund whatsoever. I called Plusnet on 22nd August and was just told "it is sat on the system waiting to be processed by the refunds department". I asked if this could be escalated somehow as it had now been over 3 weeks since the refund had been agreed, but they just said no and that I have to wait. I also asked about my direct debit, as I had received an email saying that £31 would be taken out of my account for my services  - however as my service never transferred and you were giving a full refund and closing my account down, this should have been already cancelled. Plusnet said the payment was pending and so I would have to wait for it to go through before they could refund it back to me!


This has been easily the worst customer service experience I have ever experienced by far. I would like to have thought that when i notified you of your mistake and that you had cut off my BT internet and broadband, that I would have become a priority to get connected again. This did not happen whatsoever. I am still waiting my £197.89 refund from Plusnet a whole month after it was originally agreed to and requested. And now also the £31 direct debit that should not have been taken in the first place. While all this has gone on, as you failed to even transfer either the landline or broadband from BT, I have had to continue paying for my original BT broadband and landline even though they weren’t working, as they were active on my first, original, landline of which I no longer had access to due to your numerous mistakes. On 31st July I was billed £47.49 by BT (this should have been my final BT payment if the Plusnet transfer had been successful). I have since been further billed £47.49 by BT for my original BT package for August - September (which ceases on 28th August when the 30 day cancel notification ends). I have also had to pay £59.99 to BT when I placed my new broadband and landline package with them for their initial activation & router fees (despite not needing a new BT router as I already have one from my original package). I also have to pay a £31 cessation charge to BT for terminating my original phone line. I am therefore currently £137.98 out of pocket in total due to the failed Plusnet transfer, and again not a hint of any compensation from Plusnet for the financial cost for their errors and also the sheer amount of time this has taken me to resolve and also the cutting off and loss of my original BT broadband and internet services for 4 whole weeks!


I have gone through 62 Question Tickets and Service notices to try and get this palaver sorted out and countless hours of phone calls and online conversations with customer service staff. I haven’t even been offered any compensation by Plusnet for the financial losses that I have sustained as a result of their numerous failures…and…still have not received the refunds for the payments that I made that they agreed to return!


It's now been over a month since I was initially informed that I would receive a refund in full...and 2 and a half weeks since I chased this up to find that it hadn't been put through properly by the original person and was put through again. Please can these two refunds of £197.89 and £31 be actioned soonest as this is beginning to get a little ridiculous!



Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Failed transfer. No internet/phone for a month. Cancelled account. Still no refund!!

Sorry to hear of the experience you've had


It looks like we were waiting for your direct debit to finish processing before we were able to process refunds and close your account. I've sorted this for you now. Please allow 14 days for the refunds to appear in your bank.


Sorry for the inconvenience caused.



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 Anoush Mortazavi
 Plusnet Help Team