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Failed billing - connection time out on PlusNet site

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Failed billing - connection time out on PlusNet site

My direct debit failed yesterday, due my contract unknowingly expiring and a higher payment being taken than I was expecting. On the PlusNet website it clearly states that you inform customers before the contract ends. This is the second time that you have failed to do so, so now on this occassion, I will incur charges for the returned direct debit.

This morning I found my internet was not working properly. It is extremely slow and some websites will not load and go to the 'Problem loading page' screen, including PlusNet's website, so I cannot now go on to pay my bill and also have not been able to access the website I use for work all day. Absolutely crazy to put these restrictions on immediately after a failed payment. Please sort out my account for me so I can get on site and pay my bill. Needless to say, my next contract will be with a different company.

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Re: Failed billing - connection time out on PlusNet site

Hi there.

Thanks for getting in touch.

When you agree a contract term with us we advise how much you'll be paying once that ends. Fixed price contracts and end of contract account review only comes into play for any contracts started on or after 8th August 2018.

As 12 months is the minimum contract length we offer and 12 months have not yet passed I'm afraid that there is no way you could've been eligible for this. Any new contract you agree moving forward, we will email you before it expires.

Once a payment fails, your account goes into 'failed billing'. On Days 1, 5 & 10 of failed billing your browsing will be interrupted by a 'splash screen'. This splash screen is a reminder that payment is due, but can be bypassed by you selecting the option to 'acknowledge and continue browsing' (this is only view-able on an internet browser and not apps) and once done your browsing will return to normal. We are aware of a small number of customers that are not seeing the splash screen when interruptions are applied meaning this cannot be bypassed on your side.

We have now removed the interruption so you should be able to browse normally and make a payment.

Hope this helps clarify things.

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