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Failed Line Rental Renewal

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Failed Line Rental Renewal

Plusnet Support sent me an email today about renewing my Line Rental Saver from 26 April and opened a Question (201015594) on my account about it.  However when I follow their instructions to renew online I reach a webpage with the message "You're already signed up for Line Rental Saver.  This will start from your next billing date" and there is no active link to do anything further - and this is not an auto-renewed facility.  I sent a reply email back to raise the problem but it was rejected and I was told Plusnet preferred an electronic ticket - but I cannot find out how to raise one, to reply to the Question opened or any other way to make contact with the Support team (other than an endless wait on the phone) to tell them their Line Rental Saver renewal system is not working.   I have seen several other posts on exactly this topic which seem only to be resolved when Plusnet Customer Service investigate the problem - can anyone from this team please look into this and advise me how to action this renewal please?

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Failed Line Rental Renewal


Hello there @BTA1,


Sorry to read you've had some trouble with making payment for line rental saver online - I've made some changes now, can you let us know if you can go ahead with the payment online now?