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Failed Billing?

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Failed Billing?

ok so this has been going on for months now, how many Plusnet customers are actually being hit with this billing reminder email to find they have been auto restricted immediatley? i call plusnet as no plusnet pages will load, i cannot pay my bill then you get the email saying if you dont pay next few days you will be charged for late payment? When i get to customer services they tell you system had problems but is now fixed, they remove the temp restrictions and you get a day or so online before you get another email saying payment reminder you have X days to pay, and guess what restrictions applied again, Plusnet used to be a great service with excellent customer service, im so disappointed in how things are now, please fix the service or at very least have a link to pay in the reminder emails so we at least have the option to pay without sitting in waiting on the phone to get connected again
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Failed Billing?

Hi @tonymcpants1


I'm really sorry to hear that you have been experiencing these issues and for the disappointment this has caused you to have in our service. I have responded and addressed these issues further via a support ticket on your account, which you can view here